Trekking & Hiking Trails

The natural beauties of Cyprus has a lot to offer for adventurers and nature lovers

With coastlines stretching for more than a hundred miles, towering mountain peaks and untouched landscapes North Cyprus is a hiker's paradise.

There are over 600 kms of way-marked trails in North Cyprus. The network of trails are located between the Akdeniz peninsular in the West and the Karpas Peninsular in the East. Marked with white and green paint, information boards, marker pyramids at junctions the network of trails assist people in their navigation and ensure them to safely enjoy the unspoilt parts of the island and its unique flora and fauna.

The majority of the network consists of wide dirt roads, whereas a small portion of it is formed of narrow footpaths. The trails can be used for hiking, trail running, or even biking and meet the interests of all kinds of visitors through what they have to offer: rock climbing, bird watching, sight seeing,... From rough landscapes for the more adventurous people to flat areas with stunning sceneries and archeological sites, the trails of North Cyprus are surely a satisfying experience.

The trails vary in difficulty, altitude and lansdcape. Here are few of them found within the surrounding environments of Cyprus Constructions projects.

Esentepe-Antiphonitis Trail
The 13.5 kilometre trail requires 4-5 hours to complete. The difficulty level of this trail is considered to be easy to moderate. The trail starts in the village of Esentepe and is a gradual walk uphill in a most pleasant forest track, which eventually takes you to the charming Antiphonitis Monastery. This relatively well preserved Byzantine church is surrounded by a small garden and has wall-paintings dating to the 12th and 15th century A.D. The last part of the trail is steeply downhill.
The Küçük Erenköy-Tunnel Circular Trail
The 6.5 kilometre trail can be covered in 3 hours. The difficulty level of this trail is considered to be easy to moderate. The trail starts at Şinya Guest House located on the coastal road in Küçük Erenköy. The first and last parts of this trail follow dirt tracks and the middle part offers stunning views towards the sea as you walk a narrow path. Along the trail you will walk through a tunnel and also squeeze pass through a narrow gap between rocks.