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Questions Related to Legal Matters

Is a visa required to live in North Cyprus?

Yes. North Cyprus requires a visa for resident status. People coming from the U.K. and other major European countries automatically obtain a 3-month visa upon arrival. An extension of this time period can be granted, provided you successfully apply for a residency permit (implying that you plan to settle permanently). Typically, as the visa process can be long and tiresome, many people opt to hire a solicitor. Please see the FAQ regarding solicitors below.

What is the average price of a solicitor in North Cyprus?

Generally, solicitors charge around £1,500 - £2,000 for a purchase contract and £300 for the permit. This fee covers the handling of all applications required for living in North Cyprus. Solicitors also help in ensuring the validity and legality of transactions.

How do I ensure the validity and legality of financial and official transactions?

As mentioned earlier, the employment of a local solicitor is not required but is highly recommended. For a general fee a solicitor will personally follow-up on transactions at the local government offices. Furthermore, the solicitor will check your Contract of Sale to be signed by you and the developer of the property, therefore ensuring its legality and authenticity. A permit for owning a home is required which usually costs £300 more and is received about a year after occupancy.

Are there any additional taxes, fees, or charges that I should anticipate?

Certainly, the last thing anyone wants is to be surprised with unanticipated charges. We have created a list below, of common taxes, fees, or charges that apply:
- Foreigners can expect to pay a VAT which, at the moment, is 5%, and a stamp duty, which is 6%. The stamp duty is paid to the Registry Office once the title is registered under your name, and can be paid several months after the keys are in your possession. It is important to note that these percentages are of the government valuation of the property and not the sales price, and that this value is usually significantly lower than the actual sales price.
- There is also a small contract stamp duty that buyers must pay. This estimate can be obtained by your solicitor.
NOTE: The Tax Authorities have given first time investors the incentive of a one time opportunity to reduce the stamp duty to 3%.

Any other charges?

Water & electricity connection fees, which vary according to the project.

Can I purchase from abroad?

At Cyprus Constructions we aim to facilitate all of our clients needs, including those who live abroad. If you are interested in purchasing property but are not able to travel immediately, we would be happy to assist you. Simply submit an inquiry and one of our team members will contact you and personally walk you through the process.

What documents are required when buying property in North Cyprus?

Your passport is the only document required.

What is the legal system in North Cyprus?

The legal system is the British legal system.

Questions related to North Cyprus

What is the unit used to measure land?

Land in North Cyprus is measured using Donums and Evleks. One Donum of land is equivalent to 1,338 square metres, which translates into a third of an acre. The second unit, the Evlek, is a quarter of a donum or equivalent to 3,600 square feet.

What side of the road do cars use?


Do I need to change my driving license?

Those with foreign licenses are permitted to drive for a period of three months, after which a local (TRNC) driving license must be applied for.

What language is used in North Cyprus?

The official language in North Cyprus is Turkish. However, English is widely spoken. In fact, it is common for business to be conducted in English.

What type of climate does Cyprus have?

Cyprus is known for its long, hot summers and short, light winters. The Island typically sees 300 days of sunshine, providing for consistent summer temperatures up into the 30os (C). Perhaps equally important, the sea temperature is quite comfortable year round, with winter seasons witnessing an average temperature of above 16oC.

What type of education opportunities does North Cyprus offer?

The education system in North Cyprus is constantly improving. It is widely known for its excellence in secondary education and its adherence to the English curriculum. There are many opportunities for advanced education, including several universities.

Am I required to open a local bank account in order to buy property?

An account at a local bank is not required to purchase property in Cyprus. However, if one desires to open a bank account, there is a wide selection of local and foreign banks, which offer a full range of services.

What is the electricity current?

The voltage and the plug sockets are the same as in UK (3 pin).

Can I bring pets with me?

Your pets are welcome here in North Cyprus! The required vaccination process includes a quarantine period and can be easily coordinated through your local vet.

Can I arrange a visit?

Absolutely. Contact us to arrange a date at your convenience.

Which are the favorite beaches?

Northern Cyprus is known for its attractive sandy beaches. Some of the most renowned beaches near our project areas include: Acapulco and Alagadi in the Kyrenia district, Golden Beach and Malibu Beach in Karpas..